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Cemetery Gates are opened
Monday thru Sunday
at 8am to 5:30pm

Conditions Permitting.

Please Note:
The gates to the cemetery will remain open until
6:30 p.m. during the months of July and August.

The Cemetey Office
is opened

Monday thru Friday
from 9am to 4pm.

Cemetery Office is closed on Saturdays, Sundays and Some Holidays.


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What is and What is Not Allowed in Moravian Cemetery
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Moravian Cemetery Frequently Asked Questions


What is a “Community Mausoleum”?
A “Community Mausoleum” is a form of entombment for those not wanting to be interred in the ground. These Mausoleums contain crypts for full entombments as well as niches for the entombment of cremated remains.

What is a Crypt?
A crypt is a burial chamber within a “Community Mausoleum”.

Does Moravian Cemetery offer “Community Mausoleums”?
Yes, Moravian Cemetery began offering this service to the Community in 1974 and will continue to do so in the future.

Are there differences in the crypts offered?
Yes, Moravian Cemetery offers a variety of crypts: Singles, Tandems for two, Side by Sides for two, Westministers for two and Westministers for four are all available.

What does the term Westminister mean?
A Westminister is a crypt that can accommodate either two or four persons. The entombments in a Westminister crypt are as follows: In a Westminister 2, the first entombment goes in and down, partially resting in the foundation of the building, and the second entombment rests above the first entombment. In a Westminister 4 the first two entombments partially rest in the foundation of the building in “tandem” or one in front of the other, while the second two entombments will rest above the first two also in “tandem” The following is a diagram of a Westminister for four.


Crypt Front

4th Entombment

3rd Entombment


2nd Entombment

1st Entombment


How many people are accommodated in a single crypt?
Only one person can be entombed in a single crypt.

How many people are accommodated in a niche?
Each niche accommodates one urn; if two people wish to be entombed next to each other in a niche they may purchase two niches along side one another.

What are the dimensions of a crypt?
Each crypt is built to contain a zinc or kryprotek liner with a maximum size of 7 ft. 2 in. long by 30 in. wide by 24 in. high.

How is the type of liner determined?
Either a zinc or kryprotek liner must be used on all entombments in Moravian Cemetery – the type of liner is determined according to the level of the crypt. Levels A, B & C require a Zinc Liner and Levels D, E, F & G require a kryprotek liner.

In the case of a Westminister for four the first two entombments must be in a sealer casket and a kryprotek tray as opposed to a zinc or kryprotek liner. This same rule applies for the first entombment in a Westminister for two.

How many crypts are there?
In the new Hillview Mausoleum there are a total of 2690 crypts and 5364 niches. We also have limited availability in our Bayview Mausoleum.

What are the prices of these crypts and how is pricing determined?
Prices can be obtained from the pricing sheet. Prices are determined according to the level of the crypt – the higher the level the less expensive the crypt. (Level A being the lowest level crypt and Level G being the highest level crypt)

Is there a payment plan?
Yes, Moravian Cemetery does offer a payment plan for Mausoleum Crypts only. Pricing pamphlets are available from the office. (PAYMENT PLANS CAN ONLY BE UTILIZED ON CRYPTS THAT ARE PURCHASED FOR FUTURE USE.)

Is anything allowed on the crypt fronts?
No, Moravian Cemetery does not allow any objects to be placed on the crypt fronts; a copy of the Rules and Regulations may be obtained for further information.

Can a crypt be sold back to Moravian Cemetery?
Yes, a crypt may be sold back to Moravian Cemetery for it’s full purchase price as long as the deed holder has the crypt for at least ten (10) years. If a person wishes to sell back a crypt before the ten year period they will get back the full purchase price less 1/3.

Can the cremated remains of a person be entombed in a regular crypt
as opposed to a niche?

Yes, although the entombment of an urn would take up the space of a full entombment.


Can an in-ground burial space be purchased pre-need?
No, in-ground burial places are only sold at time of need.

What is a concrete vault?
Although not all cemeteries require concrete vaults, Moravian Cemetery does. 
A concrete vault is an outer box that the casket is placed into in order to protect it from the elements as well as keeping it in station once it is interred.

What is the largest in-ground burial space offered?
Moravian Cemetery offers in-ground burial places for two or four persons.

Are there any restrictions as to what can be planted or placed at a gravesite?
Yes, depending upon the grave location there are restrictions as to what can be planted. There are also restrictions as to the placement of artificial items. A detailed rulebook may be obtained from the cemetery office to answer any such questions.

Are there any special requirements for burial of cremated remains?
All interments of cremated remains must be placed in a permanent urn.

What is a permanent urn?
A permanent urn is a receptacle used to store cremains. There are many different varieties, such as marble, bronze, stainless steel and copper.

What is perpetual care and is it included in the purchase price of a grave?
Perpetual Care is a trust fund that is placed on any in-ground burial plot upon purchase. It includes the maintenance, beautification, upkeep and repair of the plot. The cost of Perpetual Care is included in the purchase price of the plot.


Can payments be made by means of credit card?
No, at this time Moravian Cemetery does not accept credit cards.

Can a person from any religious background be buried in Moravian Cemetery?
Yes, Moravian Cemetery is a Non-Sectarian Cemetery.

When will my work order be preformed?
Request for grave repairs are done promptly. In some cases grave repairs are not given immediate attention due to weather conditions and staffing situations. Please be advised that in such cases these repairs will be taken care of as soon as possible. Graves from recent interments are leveled and seeded as weather permits. Funeral flowers are removed when unsightly or when maintenance is required.

How many floral pieces can be left at an interment site?
The maximum number of floral pieces left at an interment site is 5 (five) pieces.

Does Moravian Cemetery dispose of flower cars?
Funeral homes have the option of unloading flower cars at a fee of $200.00 (two hundred dollars) per car.


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