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Cemetery Gates are opened
Monday thru Sunday
at 8am to 5:30pm

Conditions Permitting.

Please Note:
The gates to the cemetery will remain open until
6:30 p.m. during the months of July and August.

The Cemetey Office
is opened

Monday thru Friday
from 9am to 4pm.

Cemetery Office is closed on Saturdays, Sundays and Some Holidays.


Families are seen Monday thru Friday by
Appointment Only at the following times: 9am to 10am and 1pm to 3pm

Grave selections can not be made on Saturdays & Sundays

In-ground burial space is
Sold at time of need only.

Mausoleum Space
may be purchased Pre-Need.


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What is and What is Not Allowed in Moravian Cemetery
Moravian Cemetery
Rules & Regulations
Clean up Schedule


The New York City Department of Health, under Articles 151 of the NYC Health code, has once again issued a ban on any and all standing water left within cemeteries.

Please note that vases or other containers that hold water are a major source for mosquito reproduction and significantly increase the risks of transmission of West Nile Virus, therefore containers placed in Moravian Cemetery will be immediately removed and disposed of.

In light of the City Enforced Ban, Moravian Cemetery will once again allow the placement of artificial flowers. The only items permitted must be silk or plastic and can only be in the form of a bouquet. Seasonal items will be removed ONE WEEK after each holiday. These articles include items purchased through Moravian Cemetery. NO containers, trinkets, pillows, balloons, wind chimes, toys, ect. will be allowed. For a full list of violations, please check our Rules and Regulations Tab.


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